Before engaging in any baccarat game, you must know the following as a novice so you will know which type of table suits your gaming style and your odds in the game.

Variations of Baccarat

                There are 2 main variations of baccarat: commission and non-commission. The commission, which is usually 5%, is always imposed by the house on each of the banker’s winning bets because it has higher winning odds compared to the player’s hand. In this way, the casino can make a profit. The non-commission baccarat does not charge this fee; however, the winning player still loses money about half of its wage. This only happens when the player bets on the banker which is the winning hand. Therefore, it is better to play in baccarat with a commission.

Furthermore, baccarat can be variated based on the table sizes which are classified as big, midi, and mini. Big baccarat also called Maxi is the traditional type 14-seater table. The pace of this game is the slowest among the three since it involves a lot of players. The perk of being a big bettor in this table is that you will get the chance to peek at the cards you have betted on before the dealer announces it to other players. This is done to spice up the game, but it serves no advantage since you are not allowed to change the bet once the cards are drawn.  Midi baccarat, on the other hand, is similarly played to Maxi but it is played at a much faster pace. It is a 9-seater table wherein the highest bettor could also peek at the cards. Lastly, the smallest version of them all—mini baccarat—which is a 7-seater table. Since it is the fastest one, the players do not have the chance even to touch the cards. Among the three, mini baccarat is advantageous to players who are on a tight budget looking for a fast return to player (RTP).

Gaming Odds

                In betting games, the house edge, which is defined as the mathematical advantage of the casino over a game, is a criterion for judging a game with goodRTP. If it is higher in value, then less likely you are going to win. But it does not work that way in baccarat. Baccarat has the most favorable odds for players which guarantees 1.24% compared to the house edge of 1.06% and that is a 0.5% difference which is better than any other table game like Roulette. Although the odds are in favor of the players, the banker’s hand always has 51% winning all the time which is an aggregation of 45.8% banker’s winning chance and a split on the 9.6% chance of a tie. These favorable odds arealso adapted in  เว็บพนันบาคาร่า.