Some technologies used in the slot gambling machines

The slot machine technology has faced many changes till now. Due to these changes only we are still able to enjoy the slot machine games else they would have been faded by know. And you might have not enjoyed the slot online gambling which is so popular around the world and you can find players playing them at 24/7. Because of the update versions you are able to get many offers and able to earn lot of money. Let’s look at few technologies used in the slot machines.

Reel or Drums

The slot machines in early stages used the reel or drum to find the results. The first slot machine used 5 drums and later in the new invention it was reduces to three reels. The main issue with three reels machines was that you can only have few probabilities of combinations. It has only cubic combinations. Due to this issue the manufacturer where not able to provide the huge jackpots. Later the symbol became greater than before know the symbols were 22. It created a space for more combination but still the size of jackpot was less. After many trials and combination the virtual reels came into picture where the virtual per reel has now 266 power three combination. In this case the manufacture was able to release huge jackpot amount for less bit amount as he knew that it will take very long time to get that jackpot.


Now the slot machines have computers inside the machine. It permitted the manufacturer to allocate different probability to each symbol and reel. The microprocessor inside the machine allowed the owners to control the limit of payouts. In these machine when a coin is inserted it either enter the cashbox or into the payout box which was observed by the microprocessor. If the coin enters the cashbox it is in the advantage of owner. The table inside the software allowed the owner to check which symbol is assigned on which drum. So the owners used to control the payout and reduce the payout if the cashbox is not filled and if the cashbox is full the owner becomes little generous and increase the payouts.

Video machines

This machine uses graphical reels instead of the mechanical reels. The video machine uses five reels and each reel they can have more than 50 symbols which increase the possibilities. As there are many combination which can be done through five reels the manufacture does not need to worry about the payout symbols because the chances of the payout symbols appearing becomes very less. The video machines allow the player to play on the multiple lines instead of just playing on the three symbols on the middle. The lines are allowed from almost all direction like left to right, right to left, top to bottom etc as per the convenience of the owner. It might look like the player is just loosing the bet all the time, so the owner offers different types of bonus in the game. This makes the player to play more even though he losses because if he win the bonus he can get back everything.