Lottery Gambling

Firstly let us know what is lottery, it is form of gambling in which a random number is taken out and the winner is given the prize. The prizes can be given in different format like, goods, cash, tickets for trip etc. Lotteries have been part of human from ancient times. It has become a very big business for most of the people around the world. These are sold in many forms like, lottery, scratch cards etc.  The most popular one is where people by the lottery tickets and on a specified date a random chit is picked whose number matches with the picket chit they are announced as the winners and the prize amount is given to them.

Gambling is now days more popular in online. There are many situs judi slot online gambling sites where people can bit on different events or games. Lottery is one of the popular free time activities but if it is played in too much then it might lead to the loss of health, finance and social status. Compare to all the casino games and different form of gambling this is very inexpensive and there are chances of winning a big jackpot. However the organizer makes a lot of money as there would be only one prize and thousands of people buy the ticket. Some people buy lottery just for fun to check how lucky they are or with an excitement of buying a lottery.

Variation between gambling and lottery

Lottery is a game with set of rules where people buy tickets to win some cash or any types of goods. Gambling is game where two parties bet on different events or games here the bit amount is very higher than buying a lottery ticket. The common factors between lottery and gambling are that both are games, they are played with a set of rules and to play the game you need to pay. In both scenarios the goal is to win and luck place a vital role here. The people are attracted more when the amount they have to pay is lee and the winning amount is huge and it vice versa if the amount to play the game is more and the winning amount is less then you will not find more players. Another reason where people are thrilled to play the game is that when there is a less time in announcing the win or loss from the time they have bought the ticket or made the bit. Form lottery total of 13 percent revenue is generated and in gambling there is two ways of generation tax revenue. First is the fixed amount at the casino or slot venue and second one is based on the GGR that is the players paid amount minus the amount the player has won.

Gambling is fun filled activity and it is not dangerous till it is played according to individual limits. Once it becomes an addiction then it might push you into many problems like stress, depression, health issues etc.