The Online Version Of Dominobet

From Chinese emperor era, played as domino card game in 10th century to recent 17th century played as ‘poque’in FrancePoker has a vast history. But it gained popularity among soldiers during the American Civil War, and eventually migrated to the western frontier. Dominobet has gained massive following in recent years due to the involvement of media. Internet has made the access to the game so easy that any individual can play it without even going to casino or gambling place. In India gambling is still illegal in majority of states but people circumvent the laws as there is access to easy and proper internet. Internationally dominobet is just a game of chance, luck and skill but in India any game which involves chance is illegal, only those games are considered legal which involve skill and hard work.

The status:

According to  MECN (Media Entertainment Consulting Network) India has the fastest growing followers as people are now accepting it a skill-based game, because of which the more it rolls the more it grows as a snowball. Now there is no turning back either we accept it or not dominobet has starting to grasp its leg in the Indian gaming market and sooner or later it will grab the major share in the market today.


Online dominobet has only made it easy to access the fun of domino bet to a novice individual without having the difficulty to going to gamblers or casino, all they need is a system and a verified app and a proper access to the internet. Today, different websites on online dominobet India offer a wide range of tournaments throughout the week that continue to attract growing numbers.But also online gambling is legal here as only if it is used as a purpose of enjoyment and the websites are deducing TDS from winnings. There will be changes in the law for gambling once all things settle down.

The scale of playing the game today!

Initially dominobet in India was a male dominated game which meant ladies were not treated equally on dominobet  table. But now as companies and websites have to gain more profit they welcome women to play more, they are made comfortable. Dominobet is profitable past time game for many women in today’s time.

Keeping all the profit, fun and satisfaction to one side, dominobet even has a dark side which contains of stress, drugs and the entire criminal act going through these sites. Many dominobet players sacrifice their families and relationships, they start alienating those who are not connected to the game. If not properly regulated and legalized dominobet can definitely have a negative effect on the society.