Progressive and Static Slots Jackpots – What is the Difference?

You might be thinking whether you must play the regular slots or try jackpot slots. There’s the higher chance you may not know difference between both of them. In today’s post, we will try to help you know about both the kinds of slot machine played and a few important details to help you make the right decision when playing at mega888.

Static slots:  These are the most standard slot games that provide standard and fixed payouts.  Fixed payouts are “static” and within realm of the static slots, there’s a huge variation.  You will find the classic 3 reel slot that provide you the fixed payouts and fancy video slot provide static jackpots.  You need to know that the payouts & game play both are the different topics.  The game play has got certain impact on the payouts, however not if the payouts are progressive.

Progressive slots:  There are some slot machines that provide jackpots that continually increase and found on top casino websites.  In this type of slot, there’s nothing fixed and linked. With static slots, you will find different varieties in the game play and other things.

How much can you win?

Your first step to determine which kind of the slot machine is suited for your requirements is looking over how much you want to win. Suppose you wish to win the specific money related to the wager, you may sift through these catalogues of the regular slot games, to know which can allow you do it. The regular slot machine will be much cheaper to play compared to the jackpot slots, so this might suit you well.

Suppose you want to win huge amount of money, then vast progressive jackpot will be the right option for you. Remember progressive slots might cost a bit more, and there is not quite a range of slot games to select from, unlike the regular slots available out there.

What are the chances of success?

The casino website decides the whole of the static jackpot and they seed base amount of the progressive award. But, gamblers contribute to the progressive payouts and small amount bet goes in funding the jackpots. Hence, these are a few things that you need to know when you are playing the game of slots, it is your choice to decide whether progressive or static, and it is completely your choice.