Poker and casinos in tokyo: are there any?

Poker has been conquering the world throughout the years. People in almost every country know how to play Poker. That includes Japan.

Tokyo is an amazing place and much larger than New York City. People know the city for being independent of other cultures. Tokyo made a lot of adjustments to welcome the English-speaking population. You will see almost everything with both English and Japanese labels. Gambling in Tokyo, like in most parts of the country, is not legal. The only exceptions are the lottery, horse racing, and of course, Pachinko.

Casinos in Japan

There are no legal casinos in the country. Japanese mobs run underground casinos. It is a serious criminal offense when you get caught running a Poker game. You will get jail time and a big time fine. There are no casual home games like those in the United States. There are strict laws against them. It is not a good idea to take chances to play in these underground casinos.

Poker games

Since gambling is illegal in the country, Poker games are for entertainment purposes only. There are bars where you can play a poker game. The chips do not have any cash value and there are no prizes. It is for pure entertainment only.

Most players do not fit the Western stereotype of Asian players. They are not wild or aggressive, but are conservative and timid. Playing Poker in Tokyo is a great experience. But, serious Poker players go outside the country for Poker. Korea has Poker, but the rake is very, very high so only a few of the Japanese go there for Poker. Macao has high stakes Poker, but it is about six hours away. Manila is only a few hours away by plane and has the best Poker for low stakes players.

Poker online

There are a lot of Japanese who would love to play Poker games although it is illegal in the country. That’s where PKV Poker Online comes in. There is no law that covers playing online Poker, so the Japanese are taking advantage of it. Online Poker offers almost the same experience you can get from playing in casinos. What’s more, you get to play without having the need to travel. You can play at the comfort of your home while wearing your pajamas. You can also play while waiting for the bus when you go to work, or while on the train. Poker online provides the entertainment and thrill traditional Poker offers without the risk of jail time.