Don’t focus on the bonus only

The welcome bonus is a great thing, but remembers that it works both ways. Yes, it provides money for betting, but it also requires a lot of effort before you can withdraw the bonus. These conditions can lead to risky bets. In most cases, a 100% deposit bonus sportsbook is offered. However, the deposit amount and bonus amount are subject to multiple trading conditions. Not only that, but bookmakers also set among the requirements the lowest odds of the bet that will count towards meeting the wagering requirements – if you place a bet at a lower rate, it will not count. Here’s a classic example you’ll find with many operators:

You make a PLN 100 deposit and get a second PLN 100 as a bonus. Requirements may tell you to turn your deposit and bonus amount three times at a minimum exchange rate of 1.80. This means that you will get access to the bonus money only after placing bets for a total of PLN 600 (PLN 200 x 3). So most customers will focus on risky bets, which is what the bookmaker wants. As a result, most players will lose bankroll, so the bookmaker will not pay the bonus. This is not the only minus. Players must meet the requirements within e.g., 30 days of making a deposit. This means bets for PLN 600 per month, which is very difficult for a beginner player. You must be careful about bonus offers – and ideally: avoid them. This is not the best option for most players, although worth considering. On the other hand, there is an alternative and a good way to use bonuses.


Cash-out function Useless?

More and more bookmakers are adding a cash-out option, which apparently can positively affect your bets. Theoretically, the player withdraws his bet before the end of the match, i.e., he pays the money wagered before the bet ends. Bookmakers say that this is useful protection against losing, which would be caused by e.g., another red card. However, the winnings are less than the return from the original bet.

If the bookmaker says that something will be beneficial to the player, it probably sportsbook will not. Operators are trying to create the appearance of a situation that the customer thinks is controlling it. If the bookmaker did not have an advantage over the player, he would not get to work at all.

Payout during a match (cash-out) is like a live bet, and we’ve already established that live bets do not represent value. You will also see the other side of the bookmaker: just as they close their bets during the games immediately after an important event, they do exactly that with cash-out options. And this makes all this function useless.