Cockfighting: The Bloody Sports

The popular blood sport that has been talked by the gamblers known as cockfighting is a game to the death. It involves two breeds of special roosters with a sharp razor spur attached to each of their legs. Now, if you are new with this sport game, you will know that it is an ancient sport from the Eastern that gained an ultra-secret.

The legend of the sport

The legend of this bloody sport is considered a game to death. The specially-bred two roosters in a ring made against each other. It is also known as the cockpit fight. Cockfighting was first witnessed in India during 2000 BC. It became popular with some other countries, such as China, Persia, and later introduced in Greece. In the Tamil regions of India, it belongs to one of the acknowledged 64 arts. The Romans have adopted the game and spend much time in the cockpit. Until now, it has been existing for many years, in which the online version of the game was developed. One of the legit online cockpits today is the s128. 


Cocks raised to fight

These cocks were reared for fighting. Gamecocks were specially-reared, well-conditioned, and with the special breed. These are given good care up to the age of two. Here, a wager was laid. The fighting comes into two kinds:

  1. With a small knife tied to the cock’s ankle where the spurs are
  2. With the spurs alone

Two types of fighting

The fights can be blood to death, while in the other case, they fought with their naked heels. For the death fights, it has a 21-minute duration with a maximum of 3 rounds. Each round has a 20-minute gap in between. The game takes 4 rounds of fifteen minutes, it is a normal fight with a fifteen minutes break too.

Cockfighting and betting

A lot of countries still have cockfighting sports game. The sports game are carried out into some areas, provided with seats for the viewers around the ring. During the cockfights, betting takes place. Cockfighting is a sports game ranked along with the other popular sports, such as Football and Baseball.


Cockfight betting

It sounds usual to the cockfight gamblers to go to a cockfight. But, in today’s situation, it is done online. Although cockfighting exists for a long time, still, many players love to bet. They are always getting excited when they hear about the online version of the bloody sports game. Now, there is no need for the gamblers to risk their health for engaging in this socialized game. Today, people are gradually switching to live cockfight betting as it is convenient and no hassle at all. By simply sitting in front of the computer, laptop, or even on mobile, you can bet on your favorite breed of cock.