A detailed review about invisible ink glasses and its features

The craze on playing poker game can increase the rate of poker cheating and most of people are keep on searching for some tricks and strategies to win the bet. As the technology has improved a lot, you can prefer invisible ink glasses which help you to see the black marked invisible ink backside of the cards to know the suit. Many can wonder is it possible to crack the poker suits using invisible ink glasses. Hold you’re breathing, to hear the answer is Yes!

Initially, the UV invisible ink glasses come with a pen which allows the people to read the secret message using glasses. But now the invisible ink glasses are framed with glasses which already infused with infrared ink filter that gives them UV vision to see the invisible ink marked cards in the suit. As these glasses look like sunglasses no one can find it is UV glass. However, its life span duration is about 2 years after that it loses its quality and effect.

invisible ink glasses

Which is the best invisible ink glass or contact lens?

When you decide to purchase invisible ink glasses online there are several sites available for purchase where you get stuck in confusion whether to purchase invisible ink glasses or contact lenses. It is a usual doubt arises in all-time where you can get a conclusion only when you look for their advantages and drawbacks here are some of the facts that should be considered before proceeding for purchasing invisible ink products.

  • In case if you are looking for invisible glasses in the online check out whether it is a UV invisible ink framed glasses or IR glass comes along with a pen. As both resemble the same make sure to choose the right one.
  • In other cases, if you are not comfortable wearing sunglasses always then you can check out for invisible ink contact lenses which are quite expensive too so ensure your budget before choosing it.
  • The contact lenses are available with different grades based on the metal composition its grade gets differed as high-grade invisible ink glasses, infrared marked ink contact lenses, and lot more.
  • However, the duration time also an essential thing if you choose glasses it holds 2 years of a lifetime whereas if you choose contact lenses then you have wide ranges like 2 months, 6 months max a year. But the usage limit is 8 hours.

Even if you are wearing power glasses you can wear contact lenses within them without facing any vision problems. Based on the above consideration you can choose your best need either invisible ink glasses or contact lens. Whatever may be the choice, make sure to use them within the limit and do not fail to follow safety measures if you are new to use them.