Types of bonuses & promotions provided by the gambling site 

Every person must have to join a gambling site to play gambling games. If you are a gambler then you also put a lot of effort while choosing a gambling site for you. Every gambler must give preference to the site which provides bonuses and promotions. If you love bonus and promotions then must try ฟัน88 as it also provides a various bonus to all the players.

These are few kinds of bonus and promotions provided by online gambling sites like ฟัน88:

  • Welcome bonus 

The very first bonus that every player gets is the welcome bonus. Whenever you log in to any gambling site for the first time then you will get the welcome bonus. The amount of welcome bonus can differ as every site have their own rules of bonuses.

  • No deposit bonus 

The other kind of bonus that a player gets from a gambling site is no deposit bonus. Whenever any player doesn’t have a deposit amount to play a gambling game then he will get no deposit bonus from the site. You can also considered it a credit from the site, the amount of no credit bonus is generally lower than the welcome bonus.

  • Reload bonus

Reload bonus is the bonus that will get from the site after depositing money into the gaming amount. If you deposit a certain amount in the gambling account then the site will top it up at a certain percentage. This is generally to target at return the players.

  • Mobile bonus 

A mobile bonus will be provided by the site when the user chooses any other platform to play gambling games. Like if you choose any app or browser to play gambling games on your mobile then the site will provide you a special bonus to choose a different platform.

  • Match bonus 

A match bonus is also provided to all the players after depositing money into their account. Whenever you add some amount into your gambling account then the site will match the amount at a certain percentage.

  • Payment method bonus 

Payment method bonus is provided to the players to any specific method. When you deposit money into your gambling account then you will get some bonus offers to choose any specific method. You can choose any one payment method which provides a high bonus offer.

These are few bonuses provided by the gambling site. Whenever you search any gambling site you must have to keep all these bonuses in your mind. The bonus will help you to play more with less amount of money.