Playing traditional poker through online

Everyone loves to play card games. It’s the best way to have a good time with friends, family or colleagues. A Saturday night or a gathering is incomplete without beer and cards. Even though there are so many card games, poker is the most famous one. Poker is initially originated from United States. It was developed during 19th century. On 1998, the first online poker site that uses real money as bet was developed. It suddenly increased the number of poker players worldwide. And then on 2005 people got obsessed with poker. since in involves huge loss of money, playing poker or any other betting games including exchange of real money are strictly banned in some countries like United Arab Emirates, Israel, Japan, Singapore, and North Korea. But some countries allow online gambling with certain rules.

Situs Bandarq is an Indonesian website that allows you to play poker online and win real money. Children under 18 are strictly not allowed in this site. To ensure, they verify each and every player during registration of account. It is a most popular gambling site in Indonesia. It was approved as a trustworthy and true gambling site. It was developed by PKV games and port gaming. It has a very interactive user interface and trustworthy players. Situs bandarq is only available in Indonesia. If you have an account in this site you can play other gambling games in 8 different sites. We have 24/7 live customer service. We don’t use bots to answer your questions, we have appointed polite people to answer your questions and resolve your problems. And most importantly players can directly use money from their bank accounts.

Situs bandarq accepts money from 5 local banks in Indonesia. All transactions are very fast and easy. All transactions are secured and it is ensured by the bank servers. All the players are verified and fair players. There are also referral bonuses. Every time you refer someone, you will get flat 10% bonus and you will receive 0.5% turnover bonus for all of your best games. There are also cash backs on your every deposit. We have all type of poker games including stud poker, draw poker, and community card poker. This site is loaded with variety of programs which provides a constant win rate for all players to make all players winners.