Top Characteristics Of An Excellent Poker Player – Read Here!

Not many people spoke seriously about poker and poker players back in the day. Things have changed quite a bit, however, and these days we have people who have shown that you can actually make the game a good career. What’s important in what they do is what makes them successful. So, look at the top personality traits that make a good poker player who is playing online poker sites bet88 as you read this article. 

Top Personality Traits 

            Management of your capital. Control of money is very important — maybe even crucial — for the success of poker. And learning, as long as you are willing to commit, is not difficult. There are many excellent resources to illustrate how best to manage your money when it comes to the stakes and games you’re playing, so you just have to stick to that advice. Having a proper bankroll management is absolutely crucial, because if you don’t, you’re going to significantly lower the chances of success.

            Playing without the fear of losing. Even though you don’t have to be the bravest person to be a good poker player on earth, the game requires a certain amount of recklessness (for lack of the better word). This means that you must always be able to play the hand the best way, even if that means that you may be busting out of the tournament before the next pay jump, or losing a large portion of your session earnings. When, from a game perspective, a certain move is right, you need to be able to make it and not think of any external factors.

            Possibility and capability to adapt. Even good poker players are often hurt by their inability to change. Poker is a game about being able to figure out the situation in which you find yourself, quickly sizing up your opponents and placing them in specific categories of mind. There are some basic rules and principles, but in order to be a really good player, you need to think outside the box and adjust those principles to what’s going on around you.

            Command of feelings. Poker has nothing to do with feelings, but there are very few games or activities that are as rampant as poker. You build those standards once you start learning the game beyond the rules of poker. Thanks to uncertainty, bad luck and even your own errors, these aspirations are often shattered. The mix of all these things can create a powerful cocktail of emotions, and the only way to succeed is to remain in complete control of these emotions and keep your head cool. You’re going to go down a very dangerous path if you let your heart make your decisions at the tables.

            Ability to learn from errors. This might be a tricky one, as we are usually very defensive and not happy to admit them about our mistakes. This is one of the essential features, however, in poker, and if you don’t have it, you’re almost guaranteed to fail. While other lines of work may be much more forgiving in this regard, poker can be brutal as your mistakes over the months or years can cost you a lot of money. You will be in a situation where you will be slamming your head against the wall if you’re not open to finding a remedy.

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            Intelligence and excellent mindset. Poker is a game of numbers and equations, so being smart is sure to help you become a good player. This doesn’t mean you need to be super smart to get there; if you set your mind to it, a person with an average intelligence and willingness can become a very good poker player.

            Ability to focus on your game. There’s a way to keep yourself busy all those times when you’re card dead at the table – and that’s staying focused on the action and learning about other players at the table as much as you can. It’s especially easy to lose your focus online, with all the distractions at your fingertips, but you should make a conscious effort to stay focused and use the poker tools at your disposal to make the most of the time you’re not playing.

            Patience. If you want to play good poker, live or online, you’re going to spend a lot of time doing nothing, folding your hands and waiting for right spots. In all honesty, this whole routine can quickly become quite dull, especially on days when you don’t get any playable hands. The easiest thing to do is to start playing when you know you’re not supposed to, because you can no longer take it. But you will have to stay patient at all times and wait for your spots to be successful. Start splashing around, and in no time you’re going to be looking for the exit sign.

            Dedication to do the craft. Success in poker is less than successful in any other competitive environment. You need a lot of dedication to achieve your goal. There was no chance for the best poker players to get there – they got to the top by learning new things and always looking for new ways to improve their poker strategy. It will take you a lot of effort and dedication to become a good poker player, and without them you won’t get too far. 


            Good ruling and judgement. When talking about poker players, different people emphasize different traits, but I believe that good judgment is essential. It connects with so many other important features, and all other features become less relevant without it. A good poker player needs to be able to assess their situation on and off the table, be realistic about their skills, be able to set goals that are realistic yet challenging, and more.