But the reality of professional poker is completely different. In fact, there are many people who only play for a living or replenish their income by playing cards. But you will never see most of us under the light. While some earn money simply by participating in major poker tournaments, the vast majority earn several dollars per hour in cash games. And with the advent of online poker, a new type of professional has appeared: an online professional with several tables.

For those of you who are new to online poker, you can play at more than one table at a time.

Most of the best professional pkv games players. The number of tables in which you can play is limited to individual poker sites, but the player often has to play eight, twelve or even sixteen games at the same time, often scattered across several sites, borders or even various games. For example, people like to play a combination of four or six sit-and-go tournaments (the type of online tournament with five to ten players lasts about an hour) and four or six cash games with no time limit. The advantage of playing simultaneously in many games is quite obvious: if you won at the table, why not play ten more and win them too?

However, most of them are not in their dream of playing for life. The rake, the fees that web poker sites charge from each bank, ensures that only ten percent of all players win in the long run. Only the most talented, loyal and disciplined players achieve the level of ability to play professionally. And given their intelligence and abilities, many of them would be much richer if they chose other areas. But professional poker, especially when playing online, offers what most jobs cannot: the ability to choose your time, be your own boss and know that ultimately your success depends only on your own ability.

In summary

Thousands of poker players earn their living by making completely different bets. If in the past it was necessary to play for a relatively large amount of money, just to pay bills, nowadays someone can play games without a hold’em limit and win much more than what is possible in most professions . In addition, since a lower starting bankroll is required for the success of low-stakes games, professional poker has become a very affordable target for many young applicants. If you are ready to spend long hours in the smallest betting games, then you can certainly start a poker career.