Card counting is beneficial in most casino card games such as BlackJack. It is a technique where you have to remember all the cards that came into play. A lot of players use this method to help increase their chances of winning. You will be able to predict the cards that have not come into play yet. You can always make a judgment in your favor based on probability and statistics. Black Jack counting is one of the most famous methods of winning the game.



It refers to the stack of fifty-two cards used in the game.


The shoe is for the storage of unused cards or deck.


BlackJack has a unique way of counting. The cards “2” to “9” have the same value as their numbers, while the cards “10,” “J,” “Q,” and “K” have a value of 10 each. “A” can have a value of 1 or 11.

It is essential to know how many 10, J, Q, and K cards are still there. A is an outstanding card, especially when you count it as 11.

Black Jack counting


Let’s say that two cards dealt are of “8” and “3.” The total is 11. Knowing many cards count as 10 in your shoe, you can say that you are at the advantage of drawing “10” with ease. You will have a total of 21 and win Black Jack.

If there are “8” and “9” cards, you have a total of 17 subtle cards. You know many cards count as 10 in your shoe. In this case, you will also know that there is a high possibility of drawing a “10” and bust.

Dealer’s point of view

The dealer’s up card is “6” while there are many cards that count as “10” in the shoe. If the other card will be “10,” then the total of the dealer’s card is “16.” There is a rule that the dealer must draw until he or she reaches a total of 17. So when he or she draws another card, the dealer will go bust. As a player, you can let the dealer draw and bust without hitting anymore. Counting this way will help you determine your situation.

It is not allowed to take notes in actual casinos, but of course, that is okay for online casinos. Prepare paper and pencils before the game if you plan to use card counting.