Choose your preferred online casino very carefully

The market of online casino has become very competitive today, and we are seeing a plethora of new casinos, to the delight of gambling enthusiasts. But the extent of the offer offered on the Internet also causes confusion for the player. Why this one rather than another? With, or without download?The purpose of this article is to help you choose with confidence.Click here to know about 온카지노.


Simply, choose the one with which you feel the best. Ergonomics and design are two important criteria if you decide to spend several hours playing on the same site, so that the game remains a pleasant experience. This choice is quite subjective, so there is no better casino here than another. However, if there is any doubt, you can get additional feedback from many other players on the forum or on blogs. No one will recommend a questionable or bad casino.Visit this site to know about 온카지노.

The bonuses

All casinos offer a welcome bonus. This bonus may influence your initial choice, but it must not be the only distinguishing criterion. The value of the bonus is not as important as the terms and conditions that may be an obstacle to obtaining it, or to the withdrawal of earnings.

With or without download?

You will find that some to play in some online casinos you need to download software, and for others do not. The main difference lies in the comfort of play.

Download is slightly lengthier at first, because they require software installation, sometimes administrative rights on the computer (which is not always the case), and sometimes even constraints in terms of network, requiring the configuration of your firewall. But once installed and configured, download casinos offer a much more powerful and comfortable gaming interface.

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Why choose a no-download casino?

Simply if you do not want to clutter with software. If you like to play on the run, lunch in the office, evening with friends, or even if you cannot install software on your computer, if it is not compatible … or even if you do not do not want to leave a trace on a computer. The casinos without downloading allow you to play anywhere, anytime, when the mood takes you directly in your web browser, through technology Flash or Java. When you’re done, just clear the cache, cookies and history if you wish, and no more traces subside.

Some online casinos will even offer both game modes, allowing you to use the same player account from anywhere with as much flexibility as when you’re at home on your home computer.

The support

A criterion that may also be important is the interaction with the support system.

Online casinos offer different ways to communicate with their team, either by email (the most classic), but also by phone (effective and immediate, but often surcharged), by instant messaging – MSN Live! Messenger, Skype or even directly via the casino website, with interactive dialogs. What will make the difference in terms of support will be based on several criteria, depending on what suits you best: speed of response, accuracy of information given in response to your questions.